Jancy and Kenneth are my legends! They are super cute, fun, exciting individuals from Malaysia, who are fond of traveling the way I am, and the most important thing is that they are in big big love and you can tell it! Kenneth contacted me a week before the shoot to tell me about his plan to propose Jancy, so we spent some time choosing the best spot for this very special moment. Originally, our choice was a little rocky beach with the view of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, but during the shoot, Kenneth decided to propose at the Jane's Carousel with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. After Jancy said YES, we continued our photo shoot in Brooklyn, and then went to Manhattan trying to get on the observation deck of the Rockafeller Center. However, we were not able to get to the top due to huge lines of tourists. Yeah, I was so disappointed and felt bad for guys because I promised them to get some incredible shots of the city from the above. Nevertheless, we spent some good time on the 5th Ave and eventually made it to the Top of the Rock when darkness covered the city. I tried to use every available source of artificial light and even my phone's flashlight, which helped a lot! Jancy and Kenneth were so energetic, happy and full of love during the shoot that it was just a pure pleasure to take photos of them. Aaaand, their outfits were just perfect for this kind of photo shoot. Thank you Jancy & Kenneth! You are awesome!